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With recent developments in technology, advanced Security and surveillance systems are now more effective and affordable than ever.  A well-designed security system can help you significantly reduce the risk of crime and the costs associated with it.

At ID Security Systems we have experience in providing a wide range of product solutions to meet your individual security needs. We can supply and install equipment from leading manufacturers either as stand-alone devices or as fully integrated systems.


All of our products meet the relevant British or European standards and we can offer a service and maintenance package to guarantee consistent and reliable performance.


Our security systems help protect you from loss and damage to property and offer you greater control, certainty and peace of mind. They also help you to meet your legal obligations to guarantee a safe and secure working environment for your staff and to comply with fire safety regulations.

Only professionally installed systems designed after a thorough risk  assessment,  will  be sure  to  comply  with  the  increasingly  stringent requirements  of the  police, insurance underwriters and current legislation such as the Data Protection Act and Disability Discrimination Act.

Increasingly our clients expect far more from their access and surveillance systems than just crime prevention and we deliver, by designing systems that meet their need for information and control. Our systems can enable the busy manager to stay in contact with their business from anywhere in the world. These integrated systems offer an enormous range of facilities from instant real time monitoring of premises from your mobile phone, to providing information on staff movements or working practices for analysis by your human resources department.




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