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We cannot stress enough the importance of having your security equipment serviced. It is essential to routinely test your equipment to ensure that it is functioning correctly. It is also likely to be a requirement of your insurance to do so.

Routine maintenance checks enable us to identify any faults that may be present in your system - including CCTV and Access Control. Repairs can then be scheduled to be repaired promptly ensuring your continued protection.

Failure to have your system serviced when registered with an insurance provider may result in you failing to comply with the conditions of your contents insurance. This may leave you without cover in the event of a break in.

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A dedicated after care service designed with protecting your business in mind.


Ensuring your system is functioning correctly to provide maximum security.


We're here in the event of any failure and when you need us most.


Our experts quickly detect and isolate faults and repair them promptly, for your convenience.


We have remote access to most of our systems, giving our business an environmentally friendly advantage and enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently.