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With the aid of Cloud based technology, we are now able to offer smart intruder alarms allowing you to manage the security your premises on the go via an app! Enjoy features including; arm/disarm your alarm remotely, receive snapshots directly to your smartphone to check in your premises, plus many more!

We provide 24/7 remote monitoring for:

Dependent on the type of premises you are securing, your alarm will fall into one of the following insurance compliant gradings

Grade 2x (Bells only/self monitoring for low risk use)

Grade 2
(for medium risk)

Grade 3
(medium to high risk)

It is crucial you have the correct grade of system as it will need to comply with your insurance provider

At ID Security Systems Ltd, we are happy to work with our clients to achieve this. We also provide the option for police response, as well as keyholder or manguard response.

We also provide the option for police response, as well as keyholder or manguard response.

Control the security of your premises from anywhere

Our new smartphone app uses cloud based technology so home and business owners can control the security of their premises while on the go - providing peace of mind!

Monitoring Matters

AIM is a state-of-the-art Alarm Receiving Centre servicing the requirements of the UK's independent security installers. They are a company with an impressive heritage, possessing more than 20 years experience in developing and implementing monitoring solutions for leading security installers throughout the country. Their skilled and dynamic team of professionals are dedicated to challenging traditional boundaries to provide monitoring solutions that embrace fresh and forward thinking. Their world-class infrastructure is unrivalled in the industry. We believe that alarm monitoring really does matter.

Exclusive Features


Security system remotely using smartphone app.


Option to partially arm specific areas of premises (allowing free movement inside particular areas which may be in frequent use).


Receive snapshots/live video streaming directly to your smartphone to verify alarm or check in on premises.


Monitor who has entered/exit the premises via a comprehensive log of events


Other members can be set up on the app to home and business owners' discretion to receive notifications in the event of being inaccessible.


View status of detectors/verify any suspicious activity on premises even when system is disarmed.


Home and business owners can conveniently control up to 15 different security panels in a variety of locations using the app.