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What Is Your Covid-19 Response?

As businesses navigate the complexities of operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the health and safety of employees and visitors has become paramount. ID Security Systems is at the forefront of providing innovative security solutions that also help mitigate the spread of the virus. By upgrading to touch-free access control systems, your business can enhance safety measures and support public health efforts.

The Importance of Touch-Free Security Systems in the COVID-19 Context

Reducing Contact Points

One of the key strategies for reducing the spread of COVID-19 is to minimise direct contact with surfaces that are frequently touched by multiple people. Traditional security systems often require physical interaction, such as entering a PIN, using fingerprint scanners, or pushing exit buttons, which can contribute to the transmission of viruses and bacteria. Touch-free security systems eliminate these contact points, significantly reducing the risk of contamination.

Enhanced Access Control

Touch-free security systems use technologies like motion sensors, infrared, and RFID to grant or restrict access. This not only helps in maintaining hygiene but also streamlines the entry and exit processes, making them faster and more efficient. These systems are particularly beneficial in high-traffic areas where the speed of movement is crucial to avoid bottlenecks and ensure social distancing.

Integrating Health and Safety Measures

Beyond access control, modern security systems can integrate health screening protocols such as temperature checks and mask detection. These systems can be configured to allow entry only when compliance with health guidelines is verified. Thus, adding an extra layer of protection against the spread of COVID-19.

Why Choose ID Security Systems for COVID-19 Security Solutions?

Expertise and Innovation

ID Security Systems has a long-standing reputation for integrating cutting-edge technology into security solutions. Our touch-free systems are designed for security and to support public health guidelines issued in response to COVID-19.

Customisable Solutions

Understanding that each business has unique security needs, ID Security offers a variety of customisable touch-free solutions. These solutions can be tailored to specific operational requirements and health safety standards. Whether it’s a small office or a large enterprise, we can design a system that fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure.

Reliability and Support

Reliable technology and comprehensive support back our touch-free security systems. We regularly update all systems to meet evolving health and safety guidelines. Thus, providing businesses with peace of mind that their security measures are robust and effective.



As the world continues to deal with the impacts of COVID-19, adapting your security systems to meet health safety standards is crucial. Upgrading to touch-free access control systems provided by ID Security Systems is a proactive step towards safeguarding your premises. This also supports efforts to stop the spread of the virus. Contact us today to explore our range of COVID-19 security solutions and find out how we can help your business maintain a safe and secure environment.