Are our security alarms easy to use?

Our new range of alarm systems are very easy to use. Although they are feature packed, setting and un-setting is really easy. There are 3 ways in which the system can be set. Using a unique PIN number then pressing the padlock symbol Presenting a valid proximity fob to the keypad or Pressing the set […]

What Is Your Covid-19 Response?

Contactless access control

IDSS helping your business stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). ID Security have been working with businesses like yours ready for the impending return to work, why not upgrade your access control exit buttons to touch free, to help keep staff and visitors safe.

Should I Use An Electrical Contractor To Install Our New Homes Security System?

Electrical Contractor For Alarm Installation ?

Many Quantity Surveyor’s believe that electrical contractors are the right choice for installing intruder alarms. If they’re already contracted to do the electrical installation then it makes sense to include the security system in their contract, right??  Although the perception is that there will be a cost saving or it’s less hassle to deal with […]

Should I Choose A Hard-Wired Or A Wireless Security System?

  Like all security products, wireless security systems have their place. Many alarm installers use wireless systems as they are quick to install, but they are not necessarily cheaper than a conventional hard-wired system. Professional wireless components are generally more expensive for the installer to purchase than their hard-wired equivalent, so, even though they are […]