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Should I Use An Electrical Contractor To Install Our New Homes Security System?

Many Quantity Surveyor’s believe that electrical contractors are the right choice for installing intruder alarms. If they’re already contracted to do the electrical installation then it makes sense to include the security system in their contract, right?? 

Although the perception is that there will be a cost saving or it’s less hassle to deal with one contractor, the truth is that if they are not registered with a security inspectorate such as NSI or SSAIB, they may be putting both you and your customers at risk.  Before making your choice, consider the following:

Risks to you

  • Do they have the necessary skills and knowledge to correctly install and test modern sophisticated security systems?
  • Can they provide technical support to help your customers ensuring your customer services department doesn’t have to take those calls? 
  • Are their staff security screened to British standards, to ensure that those you trust with installing your security systems do not have a criminal record which may put you or your business at risk? 

Risks to your customers

  • They cannot provide a certificate of compliance confirming that the system is installed to the current British or European standards for security systems, meaning that the system may not satisfy insurance requirements. 
  • If your customers suffer a break in and the system fails to operate, will they be covered by their insurance? Can they provide a maintenance agreement scheduling regular servicing of the system in line with insurance and police requirements? 
  • If they design the system incorrectly which results in an insurance claim, are they insured for wrongful advice? 
  • Do they offer 24hour emergency call-out? 
  • They cannot obtain a Police URN (Unique Reference Number) meaning your customers will be denied an immediate police response following any break-in

Using a registered security installation company is always the best option to ensure your customers will get a system which will be fit for purpose and compliant with their insurance requirements. 

Alternatively, if you still want to use an electrical contractor, insist that they use a security specialist to complete that element of the contract, just as you would insist on using a Corgi registered plumber to undertake your gas installations.