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Why Choose Registered Security Installers Over Electrical Contractors for Your Security Systems?

When planning security installations, the decision between hiring specialised security installers or utilising existing electrical contractors can significantly impact your compliance, security effectiveness, and overall customer satisfaction. Although it might seem convenient and cost-effective to consolidate services under one contractor, the specialised nature of security system installations demands expertise beyond basic electrical skills. This is why you should get registered security installers.

The Importance of Using Registered Security Installers

Compliance and Expertise

Registered security installers are not only experts in their field but also adhere to strict standards set by security inspectorates like NSI (National Security Inspectorate) or SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). These standards ensure that every aspect of your security system—from design to installation and maintenance—meets the latest British and European regulations.


Why Electrical Contractors May Not Suffice

While electrical contractors excel in their domain, the intricate requirements of modern security systems may extend beyond their core competencies. Issues such as incorrect installation, failure to meet compliance standards, and inadequate system testing can not only jeopardize your security but also lead to severe consequences in terms of insurance and liability.


Customer Assurance and Technical Support

Choosing a registered installer ensures that your customers receive a fully compliant system backed by proper certification. This certification is crucial for satisfying insurance requirements and can significantly affect insurance claims post-incident. Furthermore, registered installers provide essential ongoing technical support, ensuring that any security system issues are swiftly and effectively resolved without burdening your customer service team.


Risks Associated with Non-Specialised Installers

Security Risks and Liability

  • Non-specialised installers may lack the necessary security clearance, potentially increasing the risk of insider threats.
  • Lack of proper installation could lead to system failures during critical times, such as during a break-in, possibly resulting in denied insurance claims due to non-compliance.

Insurance and Compliance Challenges

  • Without the appropriate compliance certificates from recognized bodies, your installed systems might not meet the insurance stipulations, leading to potential coverage issues for your customers.
  • Regular maintenance and emergency support, often overlooked by general contractors, are crucial for the long-term reliability and compliance of security systems.

Choosing the Right Installer

To ensure maximum protection and compliance, it is advisable to hire installers who are not only registered with a recognized security inspectorate but also carry sufficient insurance for wrongful advice and installation errors. This not only protects your interests but also safeguards your customers’ investments in their security infrastructure.


In the complex landscape of security systems, the expertise and specialised knowledge of registered security installers are irreplaceable. They guarantee that your security systems are not only compliant with stringent standards but also equipped to provide the highest level of protection. Whether you are upgrading an existing system or installing a new one, choosing a registered security installation professional ensures that both you and your customers are adequately protected.