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Embracing Unparalleled Peace of Mind with ID Security’s Intruder Alarm Systems

In the vibrant yet challenging tapestry of securing commercial entities, ID Security Systems Ltd strides forward as your reliable partner. We bring forth unmatched commercial intruder alarm systems and comprehensive security solutions tailored for businesses across diverse sectors. For example, Property Developments, Commercial entities, Retail outlets, and Industrial Properties across the UK.

Elevate Your Security with Our Revolutionary Smartphone App 

Navigating the realms of sophisticated technology, our groundbreaking smartphone app takes your security management to new heights, offering:


  • ALARM/DISARM: Absolute control, ensuring your premises’ security is always in your hands.
  • PARTIAL ARM: Customise security in different zones, maintaining stringent vigilance.
  • STREAMING: Live visuals, offering real-time insight into your property.
  • HISTORY LOG: Detailed records of every access, guaranteeing transparency.
  • SECURE 3RD PARTY ACCESS: Regulated entry, assuring controlled accessibility.
  • DETECTOR STATUS CHECK: Maintain vigilance with real-time detector status.
  • MULTI-SYSTEM OPERATIONS: Manage up to 15 different security panels across various locations.


[DOWNLOAD THE APP Android | IOS] – Stay empowered, alert, and in complete control, irrespective of your whereabouts.


Ensuring Compliance and Assurance with Intruder Alarm Grading

In a world that demands compliance, our intruder alarm systems are graded meticulously from 2x (ideally suited for low-risk environments) to Grade 3 (crafted for those medium to high-risk scenarios). Your compliance and maximised security aren’t just prerequisites; they’re our standard.

Unyielding Support – Our Aftercare Service 

A commitment that goes beyond mere installation, our Aftercare Service ensures that your security infrastructure thrives perpetually. From Intruder Alarm and Access Control to CCTV systems, our comprehensive maintenance and support services ensure that your security system never falters. In addition, we provide optimal functionality and unwavering protection, backed by environmentally-friendly, swift, and efficient responses.


Embark on a Journey of Unrivalled Security with ID Security’s Commercial Intruder Alarm Systems 

Stepping into security with ID Security Systems is not merely choosing a product; it’s choosing assurance, unwavering protection, and absolute peace of mind. Your premises deserve a security shield that guarantees not just protection but also serenity and compliance.


24/7 Remote Connectivity and Support – Your Constant Security Companion

In our pursuit to provide not just security but also convenience and reliability, ID Security Systems offers 24-hour remote connectivity and customer support. Additionally, this powerful feature ensures that you have access to expert assistance and real-time monitoring, no matter the time of day. Whether it’s a query, a concern, or an urgent security alert, our dedicated team is just a call away. Thus, providing you with the guidance and support you need to address any situation swiftly.

Proactive Remote Findings, Diagnostics, and Maintenance – A Step Towards Greener Operations

At ID Security Systems, we are not just committed to securing your premises but also to upholding our environmental responsibilities. Similarly, our innovative approach to security includes proactive remote diagnostics and maintenance. This advanced capability allows us to detect, diagnose, and often resolve potential issues remotely, without the need for an on-site engineer visit.

This approach significantly reduces our carbon footprint by keeping our engineers off the road, thus contributing to environmental sustainability. Furthermore, fewer trips mean less pollution, aligning with our goal to deliver top-tier security solutions while being mindful of our ecological impact.


Embrace Eco-Friendly, Cutting-Edge Security with ID Security Systems

Choosing ID Security Systems means opting for a security partner that values environmental consciousness as much as it does your safety. Moreover, with our remote diagnostics, maintenance capabilities, and round-the-clock support, you’re not just protecting your premises but also contributing to a greener, cleaner world.



Join us in our journey towards securing premises with minimal environmental impact. Let’s collaborate to develop a security solution that offers peace of mind, operational efficiency, and a reduced ecological footprint.


FAQs – Answering Your Queries Expertly 


What Is a Business Intruder Alarm System?

Specially configured to safeguard business premises, a business intruder alarm system combines sensors, detectors, and cutting-edge security alarm technologies, identifying and responding to unauthorised entries promptly and efficiently.


How Does ID Security Ensure the Reliability of Their Intruder Alarm Systems?

Our commitment to your security is underscored by strict adherence to insurance-compliant gradings, providing a seamless amalgamation of formidable protection and compliance.


How Do Your Emergency Response Protocols Stand Out?

With a robust response matrix involving police, keyholders, and manguard responses, we promise a security shield that remains unbreakable, even in the face of exigencies.


How Does Your App Enhance User Control Over Security Management?

Our app elevates user control, offering features like real-time video streaming, remote arming/disarming and detailed event logs. Thus, ensuring you remain perpetually connected, informed, and in command.